Products to match unique values and requirements.


Arabesque Bespoke Solutions is our unique service which offers tailor-made products based on investors’ individual preferences.

Our modular and flexible investment approach allows us to create customized solutions for clients, reflecting different requirements including regional exposure, investment style, and industry preferences.

Arabesque Bespoke Solutions is available for portfolios in excess of certain thresholds via a robust set of processes allowing investors to test and build tailor-made products with respect to ESG integration, business activity and balance sheet screening, legal set-up, and pay-off profiles. Our indices are calculated by independent third party providers.

We also make our investment strategies available as segregated managed accounts.

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We are working with Solactive for the calculation of the Prime and Systematic Indices. Solactive clients include over 350 international clients, amongst them all big investment banks, private banks and asset managers.
More than USD 100 billion are invested in products linked to indices calculated by Solactive.

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Arabesque‘s investment approach is modular in nature, it is possible to create customized Indices, which can include bespoke additional filters (e.g. carbon efficiency, quality, etc.) Deutsche Bank offers bespoke investment solutions on the Indices, such as:
• delta 1 notes / swaps
• notes with (partial) principal protection

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“The value of investments can go down in value, as well as up, so you could get back less than you invest.  It is therefore important that you understand the risks and commitments.